Daphne Cruz-Baez, LCSW

Mental Health Clinician

Daphne (ella/she) is passionate about community and is committed to decolonization. She speaks both English and Spanish. She comes from Borinken (Puerto Rico) born and raised. Her decolonization work is deeply tied to her identity as a Boricua. Her awareness of the island’s continued colonization at the hands of the US informs how she relates to her work as a therapist, as her goal is to help support, uplift, and work alongside Black and Brown women in the mental health field. 

She’s worked in the mental health field for almost a decade and recently obtained her Masters in Social Work from Boston College. While at BC she was a part of the Latinx Leadership Initiative, where she obtained the clinical skills to better serve her community. Daphne learned throughout her studies that no amount of education can replace lived experiences, especially when it pertains to serving communities that are marginalized. Daphne is eager to work with adult individuals and couples at this time. 

Daphne has worked on specializing in treating eating disorders amongst the BIPOC population. She attended the very first conference for treating eating disorders in BIPOC peoples earlier this year. She doesn’t believe the BMI is an accurate predictor of health and believes subscribing to diets for eating disorders is backwards. During her down time, Daphne enjoys going on walks with her family and taking long naps.


  • Monday: 10am-6pm
  • Tuesday: 10am-6pm
  • Thursday: 10am-6pm