About Us

Where Culture and Therapy Meet

We bring a decolonized and liberated perspective to therapy. Blackness and all expressions thereof, are celebrated here at Kuji. The Black experience is incorporated into all of our services and all voices – LGBTQIA+, POC, and Indigenous, are uplifted and celebrated.

Mission & Vision

Social Work is political.

At Kujichagulia Wellness Center we take a stance of anti oppression. We create a culturally affirming environment and practice therapy from a decolonized point of view. Our clients come first and we work with them to delve into psycho-social-spiritual healing practices. Code switching and dimming your own light are not encouraged.

Meet Our Team

At Kuji Wellness, each team member is dedicated to our mission of embracing a decolonized and liberated approach to therapy. We celebrate Blackness and all forms of self-expression, ensuring that the Black experience is integrated into our services. We uplift and celebrate all voices, including LGBTQIA+, POC, and Indigenous communities. Our goal is to create healing spaces by dismantling oppressive systems and providing culturally affirming psychotherapy, consultation, and life coaching services.